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smugis kainai



Tired of humming words and people…

Fatigued by rush and vanity,

I’ve tried habituate to it but failed…


Eyes are incapable adjust the views, ears don’t recognise the sounds while incoherent thoughts occupy my mind. Like a tender flowerer seeking for sunshine I wander for serenity. I soulfully look onto the sea dreaming of azure distance, white glowing canvas of yachts on the horizon, fresh breath of salty wave, a silent touch on sand. I yearn to feel the shifted wind swaying the white sand-dunes heads and making pines to bow low. Nothing but azure, unfathomable sea, squawk of terns is all I crave for. There silken breeze blows sand-dunes of Juodkrante and fondles its dreamy shores. There sister Neringa prink up her golden locks, while Nida, her heart starts freshly to beat…

In the very heart of the town have reared new modern three-storey apartments with attic, which have retained typical features of kursiai buildings. Though their flats are rather small, from 20 sq. m. to 60 sq. m., they are incredibly cosy, bright as well as spacious. All flats have fire-places, thus sleety and rainy weather does not blait your mood. Balconies are not covered, there are terraces - which provides the flats with specific elegance, sophistication and a sense of fluency. They are perfect for spending time with guests, drinking flavourful coffee or fragrant tea, indulging a glass of vine and enjoying sunsets, which covers evenings with pleasant cool. Moreover, all flats have the scenery of the vastness of Kursiu marios and its white canvas of yachts and fishermen boats.

The houses are surrounded by functionally and sophisticatedly organized environment, which perfectly incorporates the new houses into the whole view of the town.



Tel. + 370 602 99999 / + 370 698 77467



Pradėtas statyti Kaune ant marių kranto gyvenamas kvartalas Mariai


Kauno mieste atidaryti 8 nauji modernūs uždari kiliminės dangos lauko teniso aikštynai


Kauno centre išnuomojamas žemės sklypas!

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